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May 2017 Newsletter

by Lauren Bonilla | May 12, 2017

Adventure Office Newsletter

May 2017

Adventure Office Social Media Integration

You really can't get away from the impacts that social media has on our everyday lives. The younger groups that you are now marketing to have never known a time without the internet and social media. They have grown up with it and are most comfortable with the technology. This generation is constantly connected and this is their primary mode of communication. The growth of social media has skyrocketed over the past 5 years and social media will account for 2.5 billion users by 2018*. If you are not currently using social media to promote your business, you should start thinking about how to use it to increase the visibility of your business and to possibly increase the number of bookings.

Adventure Office has worked to integrate and test our online booking technology with Facebook. If you are promoting your business on Facebook, you can also allow guests to book your activities as well. This is a perfect way to reach out to folks and consolidate your marketing promotions and strategies. Incredibly, 5 out of 6 Millennials will choose to connect with companies on social media**; if this is a market you are going after, you may be interested getting this set up.

For more information on how to set up Facebook integration, click here.

*TrekkSoft/ Skift Megatrends Defing Travel **TrekkSoft/ SDL

Adventure Office Invests in Server Upgrades.

As your software provider, we know you rely on us to help you run your business. We take this partnership seriously and have taken the appropriate steps to do what is necessary on our end to provide our customers with the most reliable SaaS products available. We have recently made significant investments in server upgrades that improve our server performance by a factor of 10. There are many variables that arise in delivering a quality booking experience through Adventure Office, both for your staff and your guests, some of which we can make improvements to. For those factors that we can influence, we are dedicated in making refinements to ensure higher levels of reliability. The last thing you should be concerned with is the performance of our technology or the security of your data.

Tech Tip - New short cut for editing rates from the Item/Qty tab

When you have many guests, and need to change their rates we now have a short cut on our Item/Qty tab.

Step 1.

Click on the Activity you wish to edit at the top of the Item/Qty tab. 

Step 2.

Click on the gray button “Reset Rate Quantity”

Step 3.

Change the number of guests in rate then hit save. 

For more information please contact Adventure Office Support at 303-292-5522 Option 2 or

Software Releases - April 24, 2017

Our team is all about building a great product and we are excited about the new features that are available to you. We couldn't do this without you, our customers that provide feedback and the great ideas to us.

The April 24, 2017 Software Production Release included many new features and fixes. Please review the following carefully for important information!

Point Of Sale

  • Added a scroll bar on the POS Register to allow selection of all rates
  • Added Filters to the POS Inventory Page to allow for easier search options
  • Default the users cash drawer to the first one they choose for the remainder of the session

System Settings/Reports

  • Added a ‘Show Continued’ filter to the Guest in House: Lodging Report allowing you to see extended stays only when the filter is marked true. Also added the External Reservations Notes to that report.
  • Added a Conversion Date filter to the “Sales Activity by Channel” Report
  • Added an “End of Shift” Report to the POS log out page.
  • Created a new Departure Board under Settings to view/show availability for current departures
  • Fixed the ‘Minimum Days Out’ rule for the Automated emails
  • Created a system setting to hide the logo on the confirmation and added a new Message to add a Custom Header to the confirmation

Web Cart/Shopping Cart

  • Fixed the Item Quantity drop down to reflect the Minimum and Maximum Party Size associated with the activity rate.
  • Added the ability to easily change quantities on the Item/Quantity tab in the back-office shopping cart.


  • When merging customers, the most recently used credit card token will be retained.
  • Increase to the length of the reservation name shown on the Confirmation message
  • Changed the formatting on the Customer Notes section of the Confirmation to include paragraph breaks


  • Added a User Setting to change the order of the Check-In page to use customer name instead of reservation



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