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Customizable travel reservation software

We Take Pleasure Doing Business With Diverse Tour Operators

We strive to deliver state-of-the-art products and services to our clients

"Adventure Office does the work of 2-3 office staff for me – it automates a lot of processes, saves me loads of time, and most importantly, books reservations for me 24/7.  In the last 6 years, Adventure Out has grown from 8 guides and 900 clients per year, to 25 guides, and over 4000 clients in 2012 – this would not have been possible without Adventure Office."
-Cliff Hodges, CEO & Founder,

Our Clients

Whitewater Rafting

Adventure Office has an extensive group of white water rafting companies that use our software representing nearly half of our customer base. We have an extensive feature set that helps our whitewater rafting companies to one up the competition.

  • Online Reservations

    >>Short, quick reservation and booking process

  • Extensive Discount Options

    >>Offer discounts right online

  • Customer Management System

    >>Customer travel history

  • Unlimited Custom Fields to Gather Customer Information

    >>Shared resources to regulate common resources

  • No Cost Targeted Marketing Emails

    >>Send an unlimited number of marketing emails


One of the hottest growing markets in the Adventure Travel Industry would be ziplines.  Adventure Office works great for zipline companies with the following custom features.

  • Online Reservations

    >>Short, quick reservation and booking process

  • Auto-Expanding Trips for Online Reservations

    >>Enables the ability to automatically expand trips or to email an operations manager to add additional trips

  • Require Weight for Online Bookings

    >>Some trips have min/max weight limits. Our system can gather the weight of each traveler to ensure they can take the trip.

  • Groups

    >>We allow for the creation of groups/ground trips

  • Short Trip Manifest

    >>Reports for guides to see who is going on the trip and notes made during the reservation process.


Many of our clients offer multiple options with their company. This may include options such as horseback riding along with a rafting trip named something like "paddle and saddle". Or a zipline and raft trip named "zip and dip".

  • Combination Trip

    >>Create multiple activities and 1 price for a trip

    >>Removes availability from the sub-activities

  • Custom Trip Building

    >>Different combinations of members on different activities within a single reservation

    >>Can build unique trips including add-ons that happen at specific dates and times, including multi-day trips

  • Deposit Schedule and Auto-Pay

    >>Large, expensive trips can be broken into multiple payments

    >>Credit cards can be automatically charged

Skiing, Snowmobiling and Dog Sledding

Winter activities continue to be very popular with our client base Adventure Office assists this demographic through these unique features.

  • Low startup cost
  • Reschedule trips due to weather and email guests in one easy step.
  • Email guides their schedule or enable them to log in via mobile phone to check schedules

Bungee Jumping

Bungee is certainly an accelerating adventure with a core for enthusiast around the world.  Operators count on Adventure Office to enable them to spent more time with fellow jumpers.

  • Quick, simple software set-up
  • Cheap cost to get up and running
  • Weight can be required for each traveler
  • Easy to use discounts for people such as active military
  • Detailed Trip Manifest Reports

Lodging and Campgrounds

Remote travel destinations require lodging to be offered. Adventure Office has an extensive lodging component in the system that empowers our tour operators to offer lodging as part of the travel package or as a stand alone service.

  • Complete Lodging Module

    >>Lodging can be booked as part of the activity

    >>Combination trips can include lodging

  • Custom Reports for lodging
  • Ability for travelers to book lodging online

International Clients and Global Businesses

Adventure Office may be based in the United States, but our customers offer trips around the world: Asia, Africa, Europe, South America and Central America

  • Manage Operations on Multiple Continents

    >>Only requires an internet browser to access your Adventure Office system from anywhere on the planet.

    >>Sales team in Europe selling trips in South America, no problem!

  • Interact with Travelers, Build Complex Trips

    >>Inventory is not consumed until a trip is confirmed

    >>Build unique multi-day trips including activities, itinerary, gear list, and add-ons with specific dates and time

    >>Email quotes that guest can review and confirm

Partnering with Other Operators

Many of our clients take reservations for other trips and companies in the area. This is a great way to earn extra revenue. Some of our customers are companies that book exclusively for other tour operators.

  • Partner Access

    >>Provide a secure login to partners accessing only their trips

    >>Limit the functionality with their trips, down to just increasing or decreasing their availability

  • Automatic Emailing

    >>An email can be sent to the external partner with the information about the trip booked

  • Travel Agents

    >>Travel Agents can book directly online and be charged immediately or be billed at a later date

  • Pick-Up Location

    >> Pickup locations can be required and collected at the time of billing so that everyone knows where to pick up the traveler for the trip.