Simplified solutions based on your needs

We bring our expertise and experience to our clients to solve multiple challenges with solutions geared toward simplifying your processes and maximizing your time. We work with best of breed companies and seamlessly integrate technology developing powerful, simple solutions.

Adventure Payment Gateway and Processing

  • Flat gateway fee of $19.95
  • Accept VISA, MasterCard and Discover for a true flat fee of only 2.59% (no transaction fees and no monthly minimum fees)
  • Easy reconciliation - Adventure Office matches your bank statements
  • Problems? Call our support line with any issues
  • No risk! No start-up or cancellation fees

ezWaiver Electronic Waivers

  • Adventure Office is the only reservation system available with seamless integration with the ezWaiver electronic waiver technology
  • Go paperless! Reduce your carbon footprint with online signing and waiver management
  • Reduce check-in times and reduce cost
  • Impress travelers through signing waivers on a computer, tablet, smart phone or kiosk
  • As travelers complete waivers, their data is stored automatically in real-time in Adventure Office’s CRM system for follow-up communication and marketing opportunities

Travel Insurance

  • Offered through Adventure Office, integrated into the virtual reservationist, and with all fulfillment taken care of, no additional work is required! Simply deposit your commission checks!
  • Offer guests piece of mind if their trip is cancelled due to injury or loss of employment of any member of their group; they will be 100% reimbursed.
  • Guests receive coverage for medical assistance, evacuation and expenses if they are injured participating in the activity.