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June 2017 Newsletter

by Sitefinity Developer | Jun 20, 2017

Adventure Office Newsletter

June 2017

Hard Work is Appreciated

Season has begun and your staff is working harder than ever. As your customer line up for their trips, your team is busy serving them and giving them a trip of a lifetime. Your employees work hard for you, let everyone know. Here are five simple and inexpensive ways show them you notice their hard week and show how it is appreciated.

1. Just Say It

Saying "thank you" can go a long way in recognizing your employees work and can be quite powerful.

2. Movie Time

After a long and busy day, being treated to a movie is a great way to unwind. Getting a pair of movie tickets (or gift card for the local theater) is a great way to reward employees for their dedicated efforts during the day.

3. Breakfast from the Boss 

Does your team keep your operations running along smoothly? Show them the love by bringing in some breakfast burritos or donuts for a quick morning pick up. They will definitely appreciate it.

4. Photo Shoot

Post a framed photo of the employee in your lobby thanking the employee. Everyone will know what an awesome they are.

5. Be Social

Make sure to recognize them in your next online post. Whether you use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or the million other places to market your business, take a couple minutes to thank them online.

Tech Tip - Required Up-sell Item for Web Reservations

Within the Up-sell Items Inventory page, users now have the ability to setup a required Up-sell Item on the Web Cart and Mobile Cart. Once this required item is setup, travelers will see the item at the bottom of the Contact Info page of the booking process. They can then choose a quantity for the item to be added to their reservation, or they can choose to Decline the option. To setup a new required up-sell item, first create the item in your Add-On Inventory, if it does not already exist. Then go to your Inventory > Up-sell Groups tab. You can either add this required item to an existing Up-sell Group, or create a new Up-sell Group by selecting New Up-sell Group in the blue menu at the top of the screen. Within the Up-sell Group page, you will add the required up-sell item in Section 2 of the page labeled 'Final Up-sell Items'. Move it to the right side. Section 3 of this page should contain those inventory items that will trigger the required up-sell item to be shown within the booking process. Save the page. (screenshot of Inventory > Up-sell Groups page)

On the Web Cart booking process, when a traveler finishes adding items to their cart and selects 'Check-Out', they are taken to the Contact Info page. The new Required Up-sell Item will be shown at the bottom of the page. A selection must be made before they can continue on with the booking process. They can choose a quantity or 'Decline'.

Software Releases - June, 2017

Our team is all about building a great product and we are excited about the new features that are available to you. We couldn't do this without you, our customers that provide feedback and the great ideas to us.

New Features – June 2017, Production Software Release

There have been many fixes and enhancements released over the past couple months. Due to having several General Ledger fixes included, our support team will be reprocessing the General Ledger data on current reservations for those companies using the feature.

Another important enhancement is the deferment of Automatic Payments for the duration of a customer’s reservation. Once a reservation departure time has passed, any items added to the reservation will not be charged through Automatic Payments until after the end date/time of the reservation.

Other fixes and enhancements:

Overall System Use

  • Added a System Alert when there are External Customer notes from Web Cart Reservation
  • Changed color of reservations with a checked-in status on Activity/Lodging/Rental Gantt
  • Added Group Name to Activity/Lodging/Rental Gantt page tooltip per reservation
  • Default POS Inventory page to no results by default to speed up page load time
  • Show Package Member Reservations on Date View pages
  • Fixes to lodging availability, customer numbers, and shared resources
  • Added a way to resend Invoice Emails
  • Many fixes and enhancements to POS functionality including adding scroll bars to rental and activity inventory departure time options
  • Added a new link in settings to bookmark the Departure Board
  • Added an option to hide cancelled reservations from the Reservations pop-up in the shopping cart as well as the Dashboard Recent Reservations
  • Fixes to discount/tax related reservation calculations
  • Fix to prevent the Request Payment function from changing the Party Leader’s name
  • Added the ability to create a new upsell opportunity later in the web booking process. For more info click here.
  • Added Quoted reservations to the Customer Quick Search
  • New Operations Check-In screen for individual traveler check-in and manual waiver validation

POS/Shopping Cart

  • Added the ability to hide Add-On/Point of Sale items from Dashboard > Recent Reservations
  • Added a new warning to Quotes for items that have been reserved since the quote originated
  • Removed the requirement for the Cash Drawer on Unguaranteed/Guaranteed transactions
  • Fixes to the customer email field to help prevent invalid email addresses
  • POS - Create an Open Cash Drawer button
  • POS - Hide Logo on POS Receipt
  • POS - Reset Starting Inventory should only work on filtered items
  • POS - removed default cancellation policy from Custom Add-On sales
  • Added 'Rent Out All Rentals' option in POS for same day reservations
  • Increased support for more Debit cards being ran through POS
  • Added new Item/Qty Tab Reset Rate Quantity button
  • Added the ability to send an email from the Refund page
  • WebCart - Increased date visibility & increased the clickable space on the calendar
  • WebCart – Added the ability to switch the booking process steps for Rentals and Activities


  • Added the ability to see number of people on each site - Guests in House – Lodging report
  • Operations - Add Balance Due to the Rental Page
  • Operations – added new option for Rental Management sort
  • Created a new Abandoned Cart automated email
  • Created a new Quote reminder automated email
  • Added new Personal Calendar addition options to the Confirmation Email and Guide Schedule Email



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